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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stealing from Padre for Vim part 3

As promised in my last post, I have released a new version of App::EditorTools and have a number of screenshots of the new functionality. This version includes App::EditorTools::Vim, which provides an easy way to add the vim scripts to integrate the package into Vim.

perl -MApp::EditorTools::Vim -e run > ~/.vim/ftplugin/perl/editortools.vim

And now you should have the following mappings:

  • ,pp - Show a menu of the functions availabe from App::EditorTools
  • ,pL - Lexically rename the variable under the cursor (make sure the cursor is at the start of the variable for now
  • ,pP - Rename the package based on the path of the current buffer
  • ,pI - Introduce a temporary variable

Here are a few screenshots of these actions:

Lexically Rename Variables:
Rename Package based on the current file's path:
Introduce Temporary Variable

I'd love to hear feedback and any suggestions for future PPI based tools that Vim, Padre and other editors could leverage.

I also have to note that the editortools-vim script from App::EditorTools was very easy to put together (although it still needs a fair amount of clean-up work and documentation) since is was based on Ricardo's App::Cmd--very easy to use and feature rich.

** Updated 7/5/09 10:37am: moved the screencasts to an external server and fixed some spelling

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